Irrigation Services
Technical corner
Irrigation System Mapping Services 
Locate the main pressure lines and identify lost valve locations.  Using electronic toner/locator and expert troubleshooting techniques we locate & repair troubled lost zone control valves  
Rotary heads are used to cover areas of 18-35+ feet. They can cover a large area, and should in most cases, reach to an adjacent head to provide cross coverage. This minimizes gaps and uneven watering from wind, soil, and gradient conditions. Having a time factor of movement, typical run times 12-25 minutes. Common replacement causes; leaking seals,stuck not turning, poor distribution, not retracting, not popping up, turret chopped off from mower. 
Spray Heads, also known as mist heads or misters. These models are typically used on smaller areas ranging from 5-18 feet. Available from 4" to 12" pop up heights, these heads cast a constant spray in the same area with no time to rotate, providing a greater precipitation rate than rotary heads, (less run time 8-12 min.). Common replacement causes, leaking seals, stuck or not popping up, nasty distorted spray pattern, clogged and dribbling, not retracting.  
Stream Rotary Heads carousel to cover large areas. Using short and long streams, they cover with great performance.  Diverse in performance with a broad range of 10-30 feet for a multitude of applications. Often sold as water conservative these water at a slower rate, but in many cases still need to run longer to accomplish similar watering as common sprays. they have unique applications but effective. 
Rotary Heads
Zone Control Valves, are the faucet or switching part of the system. Here low voltage 24 volts, electrical signals from the controller energizes one at a time to allow a particular zone to run for the time designated. Bugs usually fill the cavity with castings and soils so this clean is never seen in the field!
servicing all brands
FOCUSING ON SERVICE, we no longer install complete irrigation  systems, however  we do ; 
  • Add  new zones to existing systems *   
  • Drip zones & Micro spray conversions
  • Major modifications  of outdated layouts and components 
  • Upgrade systems using water smart saving  principles to reduce  costly water bills
  • Seasonal  service include:  anything but complete installs  &
spring start up / mid -season tune up /monthly monitoring/winterization​

* (seasonal scheduling limitations due to high demand of service)

Irrigation Services
servicing all brands
everything BUT complete Installations
everything BUT complete Installations
NCILB # 1227
And Others
And Others
And Others
?? Concerned with conservation ?? (Water Smart Technology) we use  professional grade components, and not big store lower quality items. Using Seal A Matic sprinkler heads with strong retract springs & internal seals to contain water loss as our common stock, ensures you are getting the best.  Now available  spray head zones can be retrofitted with minimal invasion to your plant beds to convert to drip or micro sprays offering segmented control for seasonal plant changes and water conservation 
Spray Heads
Stream Rotor Heads
Zone Control Valves
Irrigation Controllers
Basically a timer that programs a sequence thru each area or zone to water your property. Offering greater than needed diversity. Based off calendar and time clock principle we can set any day time or routine we need. soil and site conditions deem scheduling to ensure no more than needed is scheduled. Most offer similar selections, but some are more user friendly. Now offering Smart Technology controls like Rachio which uses smart phone technology to control via WiFi and Bluetooth, if you like cool this is you!
Winterizations by Happy Heads Irrigation Services consists of using compressed air, blowing out the water from the Back Flow Device as well as the whole system. This ensures no frost/burst damage to occur from Ol' Man Winters cold blanket.
I have seen many systems endure the cold frost, but it is a highly recommended service as I typically see many Back Flow Devices each spring need replacement, and similar amounts of zone control valves from freeze damage. Typical repairs of these components start at $495.00. 
Other companies simply drain the Back flow Device and shut off the controller. The zone valves have a simple plastic cover which offers no insulation value leaving them susceptible to frost damage.  
Our winterize service costs start at $65.00 for most systems and is a sure way to not have costly repairs in the spring.

We offer group discounts when scheduling with neighbors which saves my time by consolidating trips. 
Schedule an appointment to winterization typically starting late October, early November.