Have Happy Heads install your Low Voltage Lighting System. To improve night time curb appeal and provide an added means of security, LED low voltage lighting adds value to your home. 

LED Bulbs are cost efficient and last 15 years**
Accent your Home/Patio/Yard/Garden 
** Light Emitting Diode, L.E.D. a really bright , but cost effective means of low voltage night lighting today. These bulbs are touted to have a 15-18 year life expectancy. Earlier LED was yellow, blue, or dim but today's bulbs are bright. Usage of LED =7 watts per bulb x 10 fixtures= only 70 watts, like one standard bulb. Year long costs associated with usage is minimal with hands off performance expectancy for years. Big box store kits are poor quality in comparison, and cause years of headaches. Poor connections are used which fail in a couple of years, while cheap plastic cased transformers are unreliable. Be wise and invest in your home with a quality low voltage lighting system from Happy Heads 

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